PSL season just hit your freezer. 
Credit: Halo Top

When summer is technically over (but not in our hearts, never in our hearts), and yet it's still sweltering outside, there's only one thing to do—get your hands on as many frozen, pumpkin spice-flavored treats as possible and embrace the seasonal confusion. Luckily, Halo Top just blessed us with the news that their limited edition Pumpkin Pie ice cream—the brand's most popular flavor last autumn—is officially back.

And you can get a pint for literally nothing! Yes, at the stroke of midnight EST on Saturday, September 22 (so, set a phone alert for late Friday night), Halo Top fans can head to the brand's website and retrieve a coupon at Unfortunately, you have to print it out—pulling up the coupon on your phone won't cut it—but the extra hassle seems worth it for a (free) taste of pumpkin pie goodness.

Or, if PSL flavoring isn't your thing, a free taste of whatever your go-to Halo Top happens to be—while the offer was meant to drum up excitement for the brand's signature fall ice cream, the coupon is actually redeemable for any HT pint at major retailers nationwide (unless you live in California, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Nevada, Tennessee, or Wisconsin, where customers are limited to dairy-free and vegan-friendly varieties).

Speaking of California, Halo Top just opened up a new scoop shop at The Grove—its third in the L.A. area (the other two are located in Century City and Topanga). There, you can get your favorite flavor in a cone, cup, puffle, ice cream sandwich, or—this being CA and all—a taco. Another treat you won't find on grocery store shelves: Halo Top soft serve. Yes, the brand's scoop shops currently offer the standards (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry), as well as slightly more inventive varieties like blueberry crumble and birthday cake. If you opt for the soft serve, get a swirl and don't forget to hit up the toppings bar (which, from the looks of their Instagram, includes cake balls and potato chips).