Using Postmates' new service, Fresh, I got Halo Top delivered in 42 minutes during L.A. rush hour 
Credit: Courtesy Halo Top

On Wednesday morning, Postmates launched its new grocery service, Fresh. In L.A., this means a selection of items including organic produce, organic milk, Topo Chico, cold brew, Califia Farms almond milk, Ito En green tea, cold-pressed Clover Juice and, of course, Halo Top, are now available for delivery.

So this morning, while some people in L.A. were still freaking out about Halo Top opening its first-ever scoop shop at a mall in the Valley, I vowed to never drive to a mall for low-calorie ice cream and ordered a pint for my kids on Postmates. I also got a few KonaRed cold brews to get the order over $20 and avoid a $3.99 delivery charge.

Postmates Grocery Delivery Service
Credit: Andy Wang

My order showed up in 42 minutes, which is really impressive given that the order was fulfilled at West Hollywood’s Pink Dot, a legendary Sunset Strip mini-market where people load up on booze before driving up to parties in the Hollywood Hills. I live in the Valley, more than six miles away from Pink Dot, on the other side of a treacherous hill. I ordered during rush hour. The driver, who didn’t realize that Postmates had started this new grocery service, was extremely friendly and totally chill about the long drive he took to deliver me one pint of ice cream and three coffees. Postmates, as I’ve written before, is magic sometimes.

But this is literally day one for Fresh, so improvements will have to happen. I ordered chocolate Halo Top and got oatmeal cookie Halo Top. Usually when a delivery service makes a mistake like this, I complain and ask for a credit. Today, I really don’t care. This is my children’s problem. They still have a surplus of Halloween candy in the house. They’ll be fine. And Halo Top tastes, to me, like a combination of paste, air and cardboard. So whatever.

I should also point out that I ordered KonaRed cold brews because the Stumptown chocolate my wife usually drinks weren’t available. Other kinds of Stumptown were available, so Stumptown chocolate is something Fresh can likely include without much effort. Postmates tells me that Fresh will be adding more items, like fresh meat, in the coming days. I can definitely see myself using Fresh to order a steak in the near future.

Meanwhile, one of my biggest pet peeves with online shopping is seeing pictures that don’t match what you’re ordering: I was going to buy some tall kitchen bags, but then I noticed that a 35-pack was pictured, but a 10-pack was the size offered on Fresh.

And as anybody who’s used on-demand delivery services won’t be surprised to learn, the pricing for Fresh can be steep—at least 50 percent more than what you pay at a typical grocery store. Pints of $7.99 Halo Top are a relative bargain on Fresh in L.A., where a package of Barilla spaghetti is $5.99 and a plain bagel is $3.49.

But you’re paying for convenience, of course. After tipping, I spent $25.26 on my ice cream and coffees, and I’m still in my pajamas while thinking about what I want to order for lunch.