We scoured social media to find 13 of the creepiest and cutest.
halloween pie
Credit: Courtest of @thePieous / Instagram

When one considers Halloween treats, candy apples, candy corn and straight up candy invariably come to mind. But, despite the fact that the holiday falls definitively during pie season, few associate Halloween with the delectable pastry. Yet, that’s starting to change. Both savory and sweet pie makers around the world are getting creative with the Halloween theme. They’re taking cues from horror movies and using spiders, or a lack thereof (you’ll see what we mean), mummies, ghosts, skulls, and other Halloween regulars for inspiration. Some are spooky, others funny, and a few are downright gorgeous, including the Nightmare Before Christmas carousel design from Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin featured above. Here are 13 more of our favorites:

1. We’re into this “No spiders in here” apple pie, although we certainly hope @anatotitan is telling the truth:

2. This exquisite Stranger Things pie—featuring heroine Eleven and her signature taste for Eggo waffles—is getting us psyched for October 27 when the show’s second season premiers:

stranger things pie
Credit: Courtest of @thePieous / Instagram

3. This savory mummy pot pie uses hard-boiled eggs for ogling eyes:

4. This gooey green pie transforms kiwi into spooky slime:

5. This Nightmare Before Christmas creation is not your typical pumpkin pie:

6. This creepily accurate iteration also from Pies are Awesome's Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin features Jack Nicholson from The Shining and makes us want to run for the hedge maze:

here comes johnny
Credit: Courtest of @thePieous / Instagram

7. This adorable Tiny Pies trio is a little more PG. There’s a mini chocolate banana cream spider web pie, "booberry" mummy, and pumpkin jack-o-lantern:

8. This harvest time pie from @karinpfeiffboschek celebrates the leaves that fall during the Halloween season and was even regrammed by Martha Stewart:

9. We’d like to take a bite out of this adorable little ghost:

10. A berry pie takes crust craftsmanship to the next level with this creepy skull:

11. This candy corn pie just might unify those who disagree on the polarizing candy:

12. We can’t say we’ve seen a scarier pizza pie. Who knew garlic eyes and a black olive mouth could frighten?:

13. This cook got creative using peas for eyes on her potato ghosts:

Inspired? Whether you go with a classic pumpkin pie or something more adventurous, clearly Halloween is the perfect time to bust out your best pie crust-cutting skills.