Bigger is better.

Let's face it—Halloween is inherently competitive. Don't worry, even if you're too late in the game to have the best costume or most eccentric decorations, you can still show everyone else up. With these helpful tutorials, you can win the contest that no one else even knew they were entered in. Outshine everyone's Halloween candy with these massively upscaled versions that you can make yourself.

Kit Kats

If just one break of a Kit Kat bar isn't quite enough for you, maybe this massive Kit Kat creation from HellthyJunkFood will satisfy your sweet tooth. For bonus Halloween fun, the hosts are wearing Daenerys and Jon Snow costumes.


Another HellthyJunkFood tutorial, this video will teach you how to make giant Skittles.


Maybe those Skittles still weren't as large as you're looking for—in that case, this giant, 60,000 Calorie (yeah, you read that right) Starburst might do the trick.

Gummy Bears

Speaking of ridiculously over the top, this DIY gummy bear from Roary Raynor is over 500 pounds. That's about the weight of the average adult grizzly bear.

Hershey's Hugs

Don't be fooled by the title that How to Cook That gave this video, which wants you to believe that this is a giant Hershey's Kiss. After all, it's white chocolate, not milk chocolate.


For a Halloween creation that would make Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ridiculously jealous, make this DIY giant gumball by YouTuber guava juice.

Hershey Bars

To pay oversized homage to a classic, no-nonsense chocolate bar, you can make this impressively realistic-looking Hershey Bar cake by MyCupcakeAddiction.

Twix Bars

Also by MyCupcakeAddiction, you can make this massive Twix Bar using just three ingredients.

Snickers Bars

For oversized peanut-y caramel-y deliciousness, Bongizzlez shows us how to make this giant Snickers bar.

Ferrero Rocher Chocolates

For a fancier option, Bongizzlez also shows us how to make a giant version of Ferrero Rocher's hazelnut chocolates.

Reese's Cups

In this video, YouTube star Hannah Hart and pastry-artist-extraordinaire Rosanna Pansino teach us how to make giant Reese's. Reeses'? Reeseseses.