The price of Halloween candy has been steadily rising since 1998.
Dark Chocolate Makes People Happier
Credit: © Getty Images / Dorling Kindersley

Is there anything more horrifying than a candy shortage? Although we're in the clear for now, supply hasn't matched demand for years, and Halloween candy prices have changed significantly. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that prices of the sweet stuff have been steadily rising since 1998, and a lot of that hike has to do with a much larger problem: climate change.

In particular, the cost of chocolate has gone up due to a decrease in cocoa production as a result of changing climates in bean-producing regions. USA Today reports that cocoa bean crops are being devastated by climate-related issues including unpredictable rainfall and rising temperatures. Meanwhile, demand for chocolate is higher than ever, resulting in an imbalance between how much cocoa is produced and how much chocolate is consumed.

Despite the rise in candy costs, Americans are still buying Trick-or-Treat material by the pumpkin-shaped bucket-full. This year alone, the National Retail Federation estimates Americans will spend $2.5 billion on Halloween candy. That's a whole lot of Twix. And while favorite candies vary from state to state—ranging from Airheads in Alabama to Candy Corn in Wyoming— the love of candy is universal.

As for adults who are planning to stock up on enough candy for both the neighborhood kids and themselves, these 7 wines will pair perfectly with your candy of choice.

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