Credit: © Ulrike Koeb/StockFood/Getty Images

We live in an age where ungrateful children now expect the elusive and prized king-sized candy bar on Halloween night. Kids these days just don't appreciate a good "fun size" Snickers or a tiny box of sixteen individual Nerds candies. Since nothing is sacred anymore, it's time we protest newfound traditions and unrealistic demands by putting the "trick" back in "trick or treat."

British writer Mark Sparrow has come up with the perfect solution to truly terrorize unsuspecting, sugar-hungry kids. Meet chocolate-covered Brussels sprouts:

To take the brilliantly disgusting treat to another level, Twitter user AnnaAlbern suggests that pranksters wrap the veggie chocolates in Ferrero Rocher wrappers.

We've gotta say that social media's creativity game has been pretty strong lately, though we can imagine this will inspire other horrible chocolate-dipped confections with random foods. And for that, we're definitely not complaining (unless, of course, we're the victim of a caramel-covered onion).