The brand says the technology could be ideal for delivery at large events like festivals.

Imagine it’s a hot summer day. You suddenly get an uncontrollable craving for a cold ice cream—and you want it right here, right now. The premium pint brand Häagen-Dazs thinks it might have exactly the technology you’re looking for… and the company gave it a test run in London today.

Häagen-Dazs Now, as the service is called, allows customers to order ice cream through a chat-bot on Facebook Messenger. Once the order is placed, Now uses geolocating technology to pinpoint the buyer’s exact location, even if they’re on the move, according to FoodNavigator-USA. Likewise, ice cream fans can track the location of their purchase as it heads their way via a “temperature-controlled delivery van.” The service (which sounds somewhat similar to Domino's address-less pizza delivery and a coffee drone system IBM patented earlier this year) was apparently scheduled for a trial in London’s Russell Square area today.

“The Russell Square trial will help to inform future roll out plans,” Samuel Horner, senior brand manager at Häagen-Dazs U.K., was quoted as saying about the service which he also described as a first for the ice cream industry. “Understandably, we need to stay pretty tight-lipped about expansion plans at this stage. That said, summer events involving large gatherings of people in one location are certainly on our radar. Beyond that, the possibilities are almost limitless.”

As Horner implies, offering direct delivery to people even when they’re moving about isn’t necessarily practical in all situations. At a festival where everyone is confined to a single space, sure, but imagine a scenario where someone ordered an ice cream before hopping in their car. The results would be a very unnecessary high-speed chase. As such, Horner said that, at this point, the company is mainly looking to get as much consumer feedback as possible.

Additionally, Horner said that, for now, the trail is only occurring in the U.K., but American Häagen-Dazs fans shouldn’t give up hope. “Depending on how this goes, we will evaluate how it could fit into our future consumer engagement plans in the U.K. and beyond…” he told FoodNavigator. “Watch this space.”