There’s cooking from scratch, and then there’s cooking from pretty much nothing at all. For his recently published video on the YouTube channel How to Make Everything, Andy George definitely leaned toward the latter—and proved that when you start with nothing, making something as simple as a chicken sandwich isn’t as fast or cheap as our experiences at fast food restaurants would have us believe.

Now, to be fair, George didn’t breed the cow that he milked to make the cheese. He also didn’t let the Earth age 4.5 billion years to create the dirt he grew his pickles from. So the line at which you draw making something “from scratch” can easily be nitpicked. But he did go to some extraordinary lengths, including growing vegetables, making salt from ocean water, the aforementioned cow milking, grinding flour from wheat, collecting honey and killing a chicken, according to the video description.

All in all, he breaks the project down to a 16-step process that takes six months and cost him $1,500—and that doesn’t even count all his time and energy. The result? Well, it is definitely a chicken sandwich.