By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 02, 2016
Credit: © Michael Neelon(misc) / Alamy Stock Photo

Anyone who was alive in the 1970s can regale you with tales of the “Pet Rock” – a crazy fad that featured advertising executive Gary Dahl selling rocks with googly eyes in boxes to people as gimmicky fake “pets.” And as anyone who has seen the movie Office Space can tell you, “THE GUY MADE A MILLION DOLLARS.”

Now, turning a burger into a pet probably won’t earn you a million dollars. But if you want to hit double digits in Twitter followers, owning a pet Big Mac might be the hobby for you. Just ask Matt Crook. He’s got one.

To hear Crook tell it, it all started when he picked up the Big Mac back in November at a McDonald’s in Welling. “Unbeknownst to me, my wife had cooked dinner, so I ate noodle soup instead,” he told the Metro. “I chucked the chips in the bin, drank the Coke and just left the Big Mac in my bag.”

When he opened his bag the next day, a two month relationship began between him and his new “pet.” As you can see scrolling through his @PetBigMac Twitter account, the two hung out at the office, spent Christmas together and did all the things a man is meant to do with an old fast food burger – which is to say, not that much really.

It all came to a fatal end just a couple weeks ago when, dried solid, Pet Big Mac’s top bun literally broke in half. “I thought about maybe getting him a new bun, but it felt a bit like I was starting to play God,” Crook said. “So I just threw him in the bin.” Just like when Grandma passed.

The Metro didn’t ask Crook what he plans to do with all his extra free time now, but hopefully he finds something to fill the void.