The 14-year-old cancer survivor says Fieri inspired him to get into competitive cooking.

Credit: Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Smoke may get in your eyes while you're barbecuing up a brisket in real life, but don't be surprised if this video of a fan's encounter with Guy Fieri at the Stagecoach Festival in Indio, CA has you tearing up just the same. Back in April, Fieri curated the lineup at the Guy's Stagecoach Smokehouse pavilion, a veritable buffet of barbecue delights served up to attendees of the country music festival. But in a video released today, our friends at Entertainment Weekly reveal that they took the opportunity to introduce one incredibly inspiring teenager to his culinary idol.

14-year-old Fuller Goldsmith has an impressive track record for a young chef. He won Chopped Junior in 2017 and competed on the first season of Top Chef Jr. earlier this year. But the Alabama resident has an even more inspiring accomplishment: He's beat cancer three times. Goldsmith has been battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia off and on since he was just three years old. Through it all, Goldsmith says food, cooking, and Guy Fieri kept him going, revealing that cooking is "pretty much therapy" to him.

Last month, Entertainment Weekly's Gerrad Hall followed Goldsmith around the Stagecoach Festival's food tent with a camera crew, having him taste some of the items on the menu before surprising Goldsmith by dropping the news on him very suddenly. "We're gonna go meet Guy Fieri right now. You think that's going to be all right?" Goldsmith plays it pretty cool and admits he can probably think of a couple of questions for the TV star.

Fieri then sits down with Goldsmith who asks him some very practical questions (does Fieri really drive everywhere on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and how does he get the same car everywhere?). Fieri jokes with the young chef at first but ends up spilling the beans on some of his travel food show's behind the scenes secrets. And given the surroundings, Goldsmith also asks Fieri his favorite thing to smoke—a question which Fieri compares to choosing a favorite child. He finally admits it's a turkey pastrami.

When Goldsmith eventually reveals his cancer struggles to Fieri, the chef has some incredibly encouraging words for his fan. "What you've already accomplished in your life is amazing. The example that you're setting for kids is amazing. The example you're setting for adults [too]."

"I look forward to cooking with you someday," Fieri adds. That day would be the very same day as Fieri takes Goldsmith to one of the outdoor kitchens where they whip up burritos (buffalo, ostrich, and, wildebeest are on the menu) for Ashton Kutcher (yes, that Ashton Kutcher).

Watch the entire encounter over at Entertainment Weekly.