Guy Fieri's Dessert Trash Can Nachos Can Now Be Shipped Directly to Your Door

After selling his savory BBQ Trash Can Nachos via Goldbelly in 2020, the pair are now shipping a sweet version nationwide.

Guy Fieri Dessert Trash Can Nachos
Photo: Courtesy of Goldbelly

Goldbelly started with a simple mission: The local food delivery industry was booming thanks to companies like DoorDash and Uber Eats, but what if customers craved food from restaurants far away? Certainly with all of our modern logistics, those items could be brought to people's doors as well, right?

Originally, that meant cult-favorite foods from the likes of places such as Tony Luke's in Philadelphia or Prince's Hot Chicken in Nashville. But similar to how the prevalence of local delivery begat an explosion in ghost kitchens, Goldbelly soon realized they could sell food with any national appeal, no restaurant required — leading to partnerships with everyone from Martha Stewart to Megan Thee Stallion.

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri has experience with both ghost kitchen and Goldbelly. He has his own delivery-only restaurant "chain" Guy Fieri's Flavortown Kitchen and, in 2020, he teamed up with Goldbelly to sell his BBQ Trash Can Nachos nationwide.

Now, the pair is back again with another new, nationally-available item just in time for Father's Day: Guy's Dessert Trash Can Nachos, billed as "the ultimate sweet spin on his classic trash can nachos."

Guy Fieri Dessert Trash Can Nachos
Courtesy of Goldbelly

Available exclusively through Goldbelly, the "pile of sweet & savory goodness" is built from crispy cannoli chips which are then stacked with mini pretzels, chocolate toffee pieces, and brownie pieces before being layered with whiskey dark chocolate and whiskey salted caramel.

Guy Fieri Dessert Trash Can Nachos
Courtesy of Goldbelly

Adding to the fun, the whole thing is sold alongside Guy's "signature trash can" — and customers will have to construct the dish themselves. Just dump 14 ounces of mascarpone cream, 6 ounces each of the chocolate sauce and salted caramel, 6 ounces of brownies pieces, 4 ounces of pretzel, and 3 ounces of chocolate toffee pieces into a can and voila!

Admittedly, the whole thing isn't cheap: Guy's Dessert Trash Can Nachos will set you back $79.95. But based on the amount of sugary goodness that comes in the package, it's probably best to keep this one reserved for special occasions.

Order your own Guy's Dessert Trash Can Nachos kit at

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