Credit: Photo Composite: © Ethan Miller / Getty Images for Caesars Entertainment / Heidi Gutman / ABC

Anthony Bourdain has never been afraid to let his brash opinions fly, and sometimes those opinions can even come off as a bit harsh. For lots of people though, that mean streak is one of the things they like best about Bourdain. During his recent Close to the Bone one-man show, the chef-turned-television host took a few shots at other famous food entertainment icons, namely the flaming hotrod shirted, unofficial (or at least unelected) mayor of Flavortown, Guy Fieri. In an interview with GQ about his upcoming line of fine wines (which we assume pair well with loaded tater skins), Fieri let his distaste for Bourdain's ribbing be known, saying:

Certainly Bourdain isn't the first to poke fun at Fieri, with Saturday Night Live's Bobby Moynihan appearing on Weekend Update as the Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives host multiple times and this fake Guy's American Kitchen menu that popped up in 2013 when the chef didn't register the domain name of his Times Square restaurant. Whether or not you think he's being too sensitive, the food world has always been full of big personalities and arguably, none have been more in-your-face than Fieri. One thing's for sure: Anthony Bourdain will continue to dish it out whether or not other chefs can take it.