The artifacts include a $3,400 “sour cream covered spoon."

By Rebekah Lowin
March 23, 2017
© John Lund / Getty Images

A "passive-aggressive art gallery?" Sounds right up our alley.

The exhibit, if you can call it that, is the brainchild of comedian Justin Cousson, and the artwork is comprised of “found pieces” in many different mediums, all of which were left around the house by his messy roommate. There are more than 30 pieces of art, and Cousson kindly shared 7 of them online.

The artifacts includes a $500 “cheese knife” left on a counter, a spoon "left in sink before leaving town for four days," and the priceless "bacon-grease soaked paper towel, forgotten in microwave with plate."

And don't forget "knife left out on counter in striking distance of knife block, having been only used to remove seal of ice cream carton, which was also left on counter, leaving quite the sight as the last thing I saw before I gratefully left town for two weeks."

Art's even hiding in the fridge, where for the low, low price of $700, you can bid on the classic "forgotten milk, left to actively go rancid in gridge far beyond sell-by date" artifact.

"Mixed-media (plastic and animal by-products)," reads Cousson's second caption on the same piece. 

“I live in a house with three roommates, a cat, and one man child we’re all a bit tired of cleaning up after,” Cousson told BuzzFeed. “I started taking pictures of the messes, adding pretentious titles, and when it happened pretty much daily I ended up with a large collection.”

While he's happy to see that his project has had such a far-reaching impact, with tweets coming in from people around the world, there is one problem with his newfound success as the gallery's curator.

"Now they consistently send me pictures of trash for appraisal.”