Guinness Just Released Its First Official Cookbook

The new book promises over 70 recipes that utilize beers from the storied Irish brand.

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In a mass beer market overrun with lagers, Guinness has long stood out as a dark anomaly. Among a sea of fizzy yellow beers, the globally-recognized stout offers distinctly different notes of chocolate and coffee. Now, Guinness is showing fans how to utilize the brew's flavors in the kitchen, releasing the brand's first full-length cookbook.

Released today, The Official Guinness Cookbook published by Insight Editions is a 144-page tome fittingly penned by Caroline Hennessy, chair of the Irish Food Writers' Guild and the co-author of Sláinte: The Complete Guide to Irish Craft Beer and Cider.

"From a savory Braised Short Rib recipe to a Creamy Mint Cocktail to a homey Chocolate Potato Cake, this comprehensive book includes over sixty recipes for dishes that feature or pair with the stouts and lagers of the Guinness brewery," the official description explains. [For the record, the cover says "over 70 recipes," so you can probably assume that's a more accurate number.] Beyond the brewery's classic Guinness Draught, the book also features recipes working with the brand's Extra Stout, Foreign Extra Stout, and even more modern Guinness creations like the American-made Baltimore Blonde.

At over 260 years old, Guinness is also one of the world's older breweries, and so as probably should be expected, the new cookbook features a bit of history including photos, facts, and stories that add up to a so-called "virtual visit." Meanwhile, on the foodie side, the book also promises "stunning food photography, recipe modifications, and suggested menus for festive occasions from gatherings to special events." So as a whole, the book should appeal to both hardcore home cooks as well as Guinness fans looking for something to flip through while they down one of their favorite beers.

"One of my earliest memories is of standing on a wobbly kitchen chair to reach the table, my mother's apron wrapped twice around my middle, and stirring a mixing bowl full of Traditional Irish Porter Cake," Hennessy said via email. "Guinness has always had a place in my kitchen, and often in my glass as well! It's been a privilege and an absolute pleasure to work with this iconic Irish brand and showcase just how versatile and flavorsome an ingredient it is. I'm so excited that I can bring people on a journey through the history of Guinness and introduce them to how well it goes in — and with — food."

"Try the Salted Caramel & Chocolate Guinness Tart once and you won't regret it (the pretzel crust is an absolute winner), and the Cocoa-Dusted Foreign Extra Stout Truffles are an easy way to chocolate nirvana," she continued. "On the savory side, who could pass up a dinner of rich Beef Cheek, Chorizo, and Guinness Casserole with Mustard Dumplings? The spicy Pot Roast Cauliflower with Harissa Beer Butter is an unexpected way to put vegetables — and beer — at the center of the plate. And Guinness and bread are a match made in heaven: the deep, malty flavor of Guinness really comes through in the Cocoa, Stout & Fig Loaf, making it the ideal base for some creamy soft goat cheese, a nod to the creamy head on a pint."

The Official Guinness Cookbook

The Official Guiness Cookbook

The hardcover edition — which is currently all that is available — has a suggested retail price of $29.99 (though Amazon currently has it listed for $26.99). But you'll probably have to invest substantially more to pick up all the beers necessary to truly enjoy the full scope of the book.

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