There'll be a Gudetama-inspired tasting menu, Gudetama beanie, Gudetama photo ops, and even more Gudetama things!
Credit: Courtesy of Sanrio/Curry House

Gudetama may be the world's laziest egg, but said egg has somehow found the motivation and drive to take over every Curry House restaurant in California for the next four months. The partnership between the West Coast Japanese Curry & Spaghetti chain and the inescapably popular character from Sanrio (the company behind Hello Kitty) will see Gudetama's yolk make its way onto a Gudetama-inspired menu beginning Oct 20, and feature a special multi-course "tasting meal" made up of keema curry with rice, salad, a cup of corn soup, a custard pudding dessert, and a drink.

If you're wondering how exactly these dishes can be inspired by the lazy egg, the most visible evidence are the visual cues. Atop the keema curry's Indian-inspired ground meat and minced vegetables is a "sunny side Gudetama," which appears to be an egg bearing Gudetama's (edible) face. The corn soup has somehow been imbued with an image of Gudetama in a chef hat. The yellow custard pudding has that same existentially tired face, and a bit of whipped cream to act as a mini yolk. And should you want some evidence of your Gudetama feast that to take home without digesting it, the whole $29 deal also includes a Gudeama x Curry House beanie.

Credit: Courtesy of Sanrio/Curry House

Gudetama photo ops and collectible placemats will also be available throughout the promotion, which runs from Oct 20 to Jan 20, 2018. But while the promotion is limited, it isn't the first Gudetama-themed meal to bring lazy joy to the world. In 2015, L.A. burger spot Plan Check created a Gudetama themed menu with Gudetama-topped burgers, and a Sanrio-themed café in Hong Kong once developed Gudetama dumplings that replicate the character's entire body.

With over 1,700 different items of Gudetama-themed merchandise shipped since the character was introduced by Sanrio in 2013, edible food is just a drop in the bucket. As Gudetama's world takeover continues, though, it may not be long before Gudetama replaces non-lazy eggs entirely.