By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 15, 2015
© Robin Marchant/Getty Images

What makes Internet sensation Grumpy Cat so grumpy? Probably a lot of things, but now you can add alleged overstepping of licensing rights to that list. Grumpy Cat Ltd, the company that runs all the cat’s srs bzns, has filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming that a coffee brand has overstepped their bounds in introducing a new line of Grumpy Cat coffee products.

According to Consumerist, the disagreement stems from a deal made by Grumpy Cat that allowed Grenade Beverage to distribute a line of branded iced-coffee under the name “Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino.” How could that ever go wrong? Well, Grenade recently decided they wanted to extend that product line to include coffee beans, which they decided to market under the name Grumpy Cat Roasted Coffee. Grumpy Cat informed Grenade that they believed the beverage company wasn’t authorized to sell such a product, but Grenade moved forward anyway.

However, that isn’t all the beef this cat has with Grenade. Grumpy Cat also accused Grenade of a laundry list of other wrongs, including operating a website that infringes on his rights (oddly, Grumpy Cat’s official website is with an added “s”), selling unauthorized T-shirts and even failing to provide proper accounting of sales of their products. As a result, the lawsuit features a lot of accusations: copyright infringement, trademark infringement and dilution, cybersquatting, and breach of Contract.

For their part, a partner in Grenade refutes the claims. “Can't comment other than to say there isn't a single factual allegation contained in the entire complaint, not one,” Paul Sandford, one of the defendants, told Eater.

This should all make great fodder for Grumpy Cat’s next book.