You'll never have to stress about embarking on an epic journey to find that White Castle burger you're craving again. 
White Castle Grubhub delivery
Credit: patty_c/Getty Images

On Grubhub, you can get just about any food you’re craving, from burgers to pasta to pizza, but there is one giant chasm where food delivery is often lacking: There isn’t much in the way of its fast food offerings. Yes, UberEats does deliver McDonald’s and one can occasionally spot Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen on Seamless or Grubhub, but the choices are limited. Your options are about to expand though: This morning Grubhub announced that it has partnered with White Castle to offer nationwide delivery.

White Castle delivery is already available in cities like New York City, Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis, and Detroit, but throughout this month, Grubhub will be adding 45 additional White Castle locations to its roster, bringing more people the late night sliders that they’re craving. Couldn’t you just hit up the drive-thru if you need fast food that badly? Well, maybe, but why leave the warm embrace of your couch if you don’t have to?

To celebrate the expansion of its delivery service, the fast food chain is even offering one White Castle superfan the chance to have his Super Bowl party catered by the company. All you have to do is enter the term “CRAVEPARTY” at check out the next time you order White Castle from Grubhub, and you could have a White Castle delivery sent straight to your home on February 4. White Castle delivery: truly the gift that will keep on giving and giving, as long as you have an appetite.

White Castle is in a long list of companies attempting to upgrade their business through delivery: 7-Eleven recently launched a delivery app to make it even easier to chow down on that corner store pretzel and now Pizza Hut—in some twisted attempt to usher in a dystopian future run by robots—announced plans to introduce a self-driving pizza delivery vehicle. Personally, I appreciate White Castle’s simple approach to the delivery problem: Team up with Grubhub, and give the people what they want.