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The results couldn’t be more different.

Bridget Hallinan
Updated February 12, 2019

Valentine’s Day is only days away—and if you’re planning on ordering out, Grubhub has some interesting data for you to chew on, whether you're single or not. The food delivery service studied its data from Valentine’s Day 2018, researching what couples preferred to order versus (assumedly) single people. Whether a single person or a couple made the order was determined by “factors such as the number of entrées ordered and price,” according to a statement. (Which begs the question, where do very hungry single people and/or people celebrating with their friends fit in?) You’d think classics like pizza would dominate both lists; however, as it turns out, the ordering preferences couldn’t be more different.

According to the data, single people veer toward comfort food on V-day, with pizza puffs, burritos, and quesadillas rounding out the top three. (We’re surprised mac and cheese didn’t make an appearance, considering how many cheesy items there are.) Couples, on the other hand, sprang almost exclusively for sushi—note that eight of the 10 items on the list below are rolls. The reasoning? They’re easily shareable, according to Grubhub’s statement, so keep that in mind if you're having the storied "what-should-we-order?" debate once February 14 rolls around. 

Check out the full list of Grubhub's findings below, organized by singles and couples.


  1. Pizza puff: 223 percent more ordered (than couples)
  2. Chicken burrito: 210 percent more ordered
  3. Chicken quesadilla: 161 percent more ordered
  4. Bacon and egg sandwich: 140 percent more ordered
  5. Chorizo burrito: 135 percent more ordered
  6. Beef pho: 119 percent more ordered
  7. Grilled steak burrito: 118 percent more ordered
  8. Pizza roll: 118 percent more ordered
  9. Kung pao chicken: 116 percent more ordered
  10. Shawarma sandwich: 102 percent more ordered 


  1. Chicken satay: 342 percent more ordered (than singles)
  2. Eel avocado roll: 338 percent more ordered
  3. Alaska roll: 309 percent more ordered
  4. Spicy tuna roll: 307 percent more ordered
  5. Shrimp shumai: 302 percent more ordered
  6. Spicy salmon roll: 298 percent more ordered
  7. Salmon roll: 287 percent more ordered
  8. Philadelphia roll: 280 percent more ordered
  9. Shrimp tempura roll: 263 percent more ordered
  10. Salmon avocado roll: 260 percent more ordered

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