I’ve been drinking a lot of tea lately—last week’s cold has moved its way through the office, so it’s now my turn with the stuffy nose and scratchy voice. The best packaged tea snack is one I discovered at the summer Fancy Food Show: a new line of buttery, animal-shaped cookies from the British company Artisan Biscuits. The cookies are made for children but I can’t help loving the ultrashort ingredient lists and the detailed sketches on each creature—the cat’s curling tail and the tortoise’s patterned shell, for example. The three sets of cookies are designed around children’s poems and fables, like the Lion and the Mouse. Each theme has its own flavor: The crispy toffee hares and tortoises are my favorites. Now that I’ve eaten all the cookies (after sharing a few with coworkers), the adorably illustrated boxes double as office decorations.