By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 03, 2016

Typically, you can find Girl Scout cookies out front of grocery stores where a bunch of chipper young ladies try to convince you to buy their wares instead of the cookies inside. When you think of it that way, maybe the recent revelation that South Carolina discount chain Deal Mart was selling boxes of Girl Scout cookies inside its own stores at a bargain price could be seen as a supermarket finally giving the Girl Scouts a taste of their own medicine. Needless to say, the Girl Scouts of the USA don’t see it that way.

At the center of the controversy is just how Deal Mart – who has since pulled the cookies from their stores – got the merchandise – and at a price that allowed them to sell entire cases of cookies for just $5, about a 90 percent discount.

According to the Girls Scouts of South Carolina-Mountain to Midlands, the organization never resells their cookies. “[The girl scouts] are learning leadership skills. They’re learning to run their own business,” Director of Marketing and Communications Karen Kelly told WSPA news. “If the public thinks that they can buy discounted cookies after our cookie sale is over, then it could harm the programs that are available to girls.”


However, the organization will donate excess cookies to charity, which appears to be how Deal Mart ended up with their boxes. “At the end of the Girl Scout cookie season, ABC Bakers donated surplus product in good faith and consistent with past practices to a domestic hunger-relief charity. Some of that product found its way into Deal Mart stores in South Carolina,” the GSUSA explained in a statement. In his own statement, Deal Mart owner Don Weaver discussed where they got the cookies from. “It was aftermarket goods received directly from the manufacturer by a Christian based wholesaler, which in turn sold them directly to Deal Mart along with numerous other items,” Weaver said.

At this point, the Girl Scouts of the USA say they are “investigating” how to resolve the issue. Sounds like a mystery that could be worthy of a whole new merit badge.