A Grocery Store Chain Is Hiring a 'Chicken Nugget Connoisseur'

There's one serious caveat to keep in mind if you're considering applying for the position. 

chicken nugget connoisseur
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Hello hungry people everywhere, especially those of you who can’t get enough of the delicious fast food staple that is the chicken nugget. Would you like to get paid to eat all day? Of course you would. Do you consider yourself an expert in all things related to processed chicken products? Are you able to discern the flavors and textures of frozen snacks down to the subtle hints of salt and pepper? Well, the grocery store chain B&M (which is based in England) has just the job for you: chicken nugget connoisseur.

SF Gate reports that B&M made the job listing ahead of the launch of a new range of frozen and fresh foods. The chicken nugget connoisseur will give feedback on the new product line. According to the job description, the right person for the position should be able to eat 20 nuggets from McDonald’s on her own and be “the first person in the kitchen whenever someone says there’s cake.” The application seems simple enough—all you have to do it submit a short paragraph explaining why you deserve to be the ultimate authority on chicken nuggets. But there’s a catch—because with something this good there always is.

While the job description does specify that position offers a voucher worth £25in free food from the chain, no other compensation is mentioned. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be paid for your work (maybe they plan to discuss salary in the interview?) but it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence that this is a full time, well-paying job. It did sound too good to be true, didn’t it? You would get some free food in exchange for your opinion on nuggets—and for those among us who are truly dedicated to guilty pleasure foods, it might just be worth it—but something tells me the bigger benefit for B&M is the boost in attention the business got for its viral job post.

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