Grape leaves

Buy the brine-packed variety or blanch fresh leaves yourself; fill with sturdy fish fillets or marinated beef.


Grill them whole, then stuff with rice or couscous flavored with anchovies and olives; skewer before grilling again.


Boil a whole onion, slice off the top, pull apart the layers and stuff with sausage, cheese or meat; skewer before grilling.

Flour tortillas

Fill with cheese and meat for quesadillas.

Wonton skins and egg-roll wrappers

Fill square wonton raviolis or egg-roll triangles with shrimp and ginger, or ground pork and kimchee; blanch, brush with oil and grill until crisp.


Wrap around lean meats; rich fish, like sardines; blanched broccoli or asparagus spears; figs; or melon slices.