Pardon Me, Do You Have Any Grey Poupon Ice Cream? The Dijon Mustard-Flavored Treat Is Now Available Nationwide

After the success of Mac & Cheese ice cream, Van Leeuwen has teamed up with another unexpected Kraft brand.

Van Leeuwen Grey Poupon with Salted Pretzels
Photo: Courtesy of Van Leeuwen

New York-based Van Leeuwen Ice Cream has never shied away from attention-grabbing flavors, including everything from a Popeye-themed spinach ice cream to a Kraft Macaroni & Cheese ice cream that tastes like, well, Kraft Mac & Cheese. The latter flavor especially earned both massive media attention and acclaim, eventually grabbing national distribution at Walmart. So Van Leeuwen is dipping into that well again with another unexpected brand-name collaboration: Grey Poupon ice cream

Grey Poupon hasn't shied away from unexpected product launches either, releasing their own mustard-tinged wine last year. And teaming up with Van Leeuwen for their first-ever foray into ice cream isn't a coincidence: Grey Poupon is also owned by Kraft.

So next time time you step into a Walmart, keep an eye out for Van Leeuwen Grey Poupon with Salted Pretzels pints. It's one of five flavors that are launching in Walmart starting today as Van Leeuwen refreshes their lineup sold at the superstore. Also hitting the freezer section are Campfire S'mores, Summer Peach Crisp, Honey Cornbread with Strawberry Jam, and Espresso Fior di Latte Chip.

Van Leeuwen's new summer flavors
Courtesy of Van Leeuwen

"Walmart is a great partner and we are thrilled they have welcomed us back to launch five summer-themed flavors nationwide," Ben Van Leeuwen, co-founder and CEO of Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, stated. "The Van Leeuwen team couldn't be more excited to give Walmart shoppers the opportunity to try out what are sure to be the next internet-breaking ice cream flavors of the summer, including our latest collaboration with Grey Poupon."

But how does Grey Poupon with Salted Pretzels ice cream taste? Van Leeuwen writes, "Grey Poupon elevates any meal to something worth savoring, so why not ice cream, especially French Ice Cream?" The results are said to be "an unexpected yet delightful blend of sweet ice cream, honey-dijon swirl, and salted pretzels."

As for the rest, Campfire S'Mores offers toasted marshmallow ice cream, chocolate fudge swirls, and loads of graham cookies and marshmallows. Summer Peach Crisp features peaches and a gluten-free oat crumble. Honey Cornbread with Strawberry Jam is vanilla ice cream with pieces of honey cornbread and strawberry jam. And finally, Espresso Fior di Latte Chip is espresso ice cream swirled with Fior di Latte,and then loaded with chocolate chips and graham cookies.

"Refreshing our flavor selection at Walmart stores has allowed Van Leeuwen to create new unique flavors widely available to ice cream lovers in every corner of the country," Ben Van Leeuwen continued.

These five new flavors will be sold in 3,500 Walmart locations in all 50 states for a 10-week rotation, after which they will be refreshed again. Could another Kraft Foods brand be next? If so, Claussen pickle ice cream, Oscar Mayer hot dog ice cream, and Velveeta ice cream are all on the table… just to recommend a few.

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