The 'Great British Baking Show' Returns to Netflix this Month with 12 New Bakers

Plus, another holiday special of the beloved baking competition is coming this November.

Thanks to streaming services, viewers aren't as beholden to traditional TV scheduling where our favorite shows return every fall from a summer hiatus. But despite airing on Netflix, The Great British Baking Show still sticks to September with its season premiere, and the popular U.K. competition show has just announced its return date on this side of the pond.

The British premiere date for "Series 13" of The Great British Bake Offas they call it in its homeland — has been known for a bit: Tuesday, September 13. Traditionally, the renamed American airings happen a few days later, but Netflix had yet to officially announce the start of what will be known stateside as Collection 10. (Why does everything always have to be an eggplant vs. aubergine situation with these Brits?!)

Group photo of bakers, presenters and judges on The Great British Bake Off S6
Mark Bourdillon / Love Productions / Courtesy of Netflix

But the official announcement is here, and if you can handle basic math, you probably already had a guess: The Great British Baking Show will start airing again on Netflix on Friday, September 16. As usual, the season will be 10 episodes, with a new one airing each Friday, meaning — handling a bit more math for you — the finale will be on November 18

Speaking of the usual, stars Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood are back as judges and Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas resume their hosting duties. But yes, all 12 contestants are new. This season's competitors range in age from 18 to 60 and hail from a wide mix of backgrounds.

Group photo of bakers on The Great British Bake Off S6
Mark Bourdillon / Love Productions / Courtesy of Netflix

Abdul is an electronics engineer who was raised in Saudi Arabia by Pakistani parents and enjoys salsa dancing. Carole is a 59-year-old supermarket cashier who hosts a segment on local radio called "Compost Carole." Dawn is the eldest in the group, a 60-year-old IT manager as well as a mother and grandmother. James is a 25-year-old nuclear scientist who says he enjoys the technical side of baking. Janusz moved to the U.K. 10 years ago from Poland and works as a personal assistant to a head teacher. Kevin is a music teacher who can play saxophone, flute, piano, and clarinet.

At just 18 years old, Maisam is still a student who was born in Libya and speaks five languages. Maxy is Swedish born, working as an architectural assistant. Rebs is a 23-year-old masters student who grew up in Northern Ireland. Sandro is a London nanny who was born in Angola. Syabira is a Malaysian-born cardiovascular research associate. And finally, Will is a 45-year-old former charity director living in London. (Of course, as with every season, we'll caution you not to pick your favorites until you officially see them in action.)

If that's not enough GBBS for you, Netflix also previously announced a fifth edition of the show's "Holidays" edition which will see Prue and Paul host past seasons' bakers for seasonally-themed challenges. The two hour-long episodes premiere November 18.

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