'Great British Baking Show' Finalist Kim-Joy Reveals Her Cookbook Cover

And it's just as colorful as we imagined.

Photo: Ian West - PA Images/Getty Images

Since becoming a finalist on the Great British Baking Show last fall, fan-favorite Kim-Joy—known for her adorable designs, which often featured animals—has been busy. She's got a baking column in The Guardian (if you want to learn how to make raspberry and chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow pig toppers, this is the place), and late last month, also announced a cookbook, Baking with Kim-Joy: Cute and Creative Bakes to Make You Smile. She describes it as "full of colourful bakes and happiness" on Twitter, and when she revealed the cover Thursday on Instagram, it definitely delivered.

In the one image alone, with bright pops of yellow and lilac, we see a cat, a rainbow, what looks like a llama, a turtle drawing, meringues, and plenty of planets—definitely keeping with the Kim-Joy brand. In the post, she writes, "I like to think the cover is a reflection of what's inside—lots of colourful magical baking photos (space turtles included of course!), some step by step images to guide you, and little messages of positivity to keep you going!" Although we'll have a wait a little while to check out the cheery-looking book— it launches on August 22 in the UK and September 3 in the U.S. and Canada—it's already available to order on Amazon.

Looking for another colorful cookbook to add to your shelf? Keep an eye out for April 9, when Amirah Kassem's first cookbook—The Power of Sprinkles: A Cake Book by the Founder of Flour Shop—officially launches. Kassem has a similar penchant for bright colors and cute designs like Kim-Joy, and inside, readers will find 29 different cakes all based off of one master recipe. There are red, white, and blue cakes for the Fourth of July; a reindeer cake for Christmas; and of course, Kassem's famous Rainbow Explosion Cake (you'll understand why the book is called The Power of Sprinkles when you see it). There are also several cakes designed to look like food, ranging from pizza to avocado toast—learn more and check out some of the photos here.

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