Fans on Twitter were quick to come to the former judge's defense.
Mary Berry New Show
Credit: © Samir Hussein/WireImage

If you thought that the drama between the Great British Bake-Offs abrupt move from BBC One to Channel 4, and the subsequent departure of the show’s hosts (except for Paul Hollywood who stuck with Channel 4) was over you would be mistaken. On the latest episode of the show’s special-edition Stand Up to Cancer event, which features a celebrity bake-off, one contestant, comedian Harry Hill, made an audacious joke about former host Mary Berry’s age.

Hill made a platter of cupcakes meant to resemble his bald head, each one with a fortune tucked inside that listed a different prize. Host Sandi Toksvig grabbed a cupcake and recited the fortune out loud, which read “Mary Berry’s birth certificate.” The group burst into a fit of giggles, at which point Hill punctuated his joke by saying “Printed on the original vellum” (vellum is a type of animal hide). But you best not come for Britain’s beloved Mary Berry unless you’re willing to deal with her outraged fans.

As the Daily Mail reports, fans of the show were disappointed to see a contestant make fun of Berry’s age. They took to Twitter to weigh in the controversial comment, writing that the bringing up the fact that she's 82 was mean-spirited.

Still, others didn’t mind that Hill took aim at the show’s former host, even if his dig could be considered petty. Although Paul Hollywood did look uncomfortable in the moment, the other hosts were clearly comfortable openly laughing at Hill’s comment. If anything, the joke reveals that nothing is sacred in the Bake-Off tent, and that there still might actually be some tension between the former hosts and the show’s new Channel 4 home.

The joke probably didn’t even enter Berry’s radar though: She’s keeping busy working on a slew of new shows for BBC One. No matter what, though, she’s always going have her loyal fans who are still pining for the days when she was the one judging other people’s cupcakes.