Mid-October should bring hearty appetites, satisfied by soups and stews. It was, however, nearly 80° in Manhattan yesterday—not really soup or stew weather. I've been desperate to try this adorable little Japanese rice ball shop , Oms/b, that I first read about on one of my favorite blogs, Midtown lunch and yesterday was a perfect day to make the trek east.
Among the tasty treats I sampled were Chili Shrimp Rice Balls that tasted like Cajun-shrimp-sushi (delicious); Chili Beef Balls that tasted like Sloppy-Joe-sushi (SO delicious); and something called "Gorgeous Football Rice" which was seaweed salad and rice-filled fried tofu skins (SO SO delicious) All were so beautifully assembled. It was lucky for me and my lunch companion that yesterday was their 4th anniversary so every one got a bright-pink-strawberry-creme-filled Swiss roll (artificially flavored of course) as a gift.

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