Holiday gift idea: A Kentucky artist is selling KFC-soaked T-shirts for $50 a pop.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 27, 2019

Thanksgiving may be focused on turkey, but one thing bonds all birds together: gravy. With that in mind, the stunt-loving folk over at Kentucky for Kentucky took a common Thanksgiving problem – spilling gravy on your shirt – gave it a KFC twist, and created a piece of must have Turkey Day apparel: tie-dyed KFC gravy t-shirts.

Yes, just in time for Thanksgiving, the brand committed to promoting Kentucky to the world once again dug into its literal KFC bag to create another viral-worthy item (remember gold-plated KFC bone jewelry?) This time around, local artist Coleman Larkin used gallons of “100-percent real gravy from a 100-percent real KFC” (retail cost: $21.19 per gallon) to hand-make the kind of psychedelic shirt you’d dream up in a food coma.

“When it comes to Thanksgiving,” Larkin began, “you’ve got your turkey people and your sides people. Me? I’m all about that sauce. I wanted to create a wearable work of art for all the other sauce kings and kweens out there living that grimey sauce life. I see you and I appreciate your struggle.”

Kentucky for Kentucky

On a more serious note, I asked Larkin, like, honestly, don’t you usually throw your shirt away when you get an obvious gravy stain on it? “These shirts aren’t haphazardly stained in a gluttonous binge,” he told me. “Nor are they the result of some soulless manufacturing process. In my opinion they aren’t even ‘made.’ Rather, they are born of a harmonious union between order and chaos, selfishness and altruism, cold logic and impassioned poetry. Plus they look rad as hell.” Talk about psychedelic!

Kentucky for Kentucky

A “limited run” of these gravy tie-dyed t-shirts are currently available in the KY for KY store at $50 a pop. Since they are handmade, each one is unique, and they are all “pre-washed to retain maximum gravy stain.” Unfortunately, you’re getting this news too late to actually land one in time for Thanksgiving 2019, but I’m thinking a purposefully gravy-stained shirt is probably fashionable all year round.