By Noah Kaufman
Updated August 28, 2014
© Sylvia G Photography

Fashion blogger, actress and TV host Grasie Mercedes has been helping people look good since 2007. In addition to her blog Style Me Grasie, she has shared her wisdom on the Style Network, MTV, and on the red carpet for American Idol. Despite frequently shuttling between New York and Los Angeles, she always manages to look refreshed and relaxed, probably because of these recovery tips.

Here, Mercedes’s favorite ways to decompress, from one of L.A.’s newest workouts to the weirdest hangover remedy we’ve heard yet. Stay tuned next week for an inside look at her recent trip to Africa.

At-home refresh: I walk my dog. Hayden is a Jack Russell–Chihuahua. I’ve had him for nine years and he’s the best. I take him on a long walk through the Hollywood Hills, and it always makes me feel better.

To beat back a hangover: A great trick for hangovers is Pedialyte on ice. If you don’t have a kid, you might not need to know what that is. But you should.

Juice fix: There’s a health food store called Real Raw Live that has a great cold-pressed green juice and such intense shots. The best thing though is the Rawkstar smoothie—mango, kale, almond butter, camu camu (seeds from the Amazon), coconut milk, agave and cinnamon.

Go-to exercise: I hate to work out, but about two months ago I started doing Pop Physique. It’s an incredible core–meets Pilates–meets yoga–meets bar. I think it’s great for women. It’s all about concentrated intense muscle movement, and you work with your own strength and body weight.

Food you love but probably shouldn’t: My guilty thing is that I love In-N-Out. A Double-Double animal-style, no tomato, light on the spread, with fries extra-crispy.

Moment of Zen: I’m so hyper it’s hard for me take moments like that. The most Zen I am is when I go to the beach. I love just sitting on the beach and watching the waves.