Credit: © Grāpple® Fruits

Ever wished your apple tasted more like a grape? No? Well, then, um, ignore everything you’re about to read.

A company in Wenatchee, Washington, called Snyder Bros produces a fruit they call the “Grapple.” No, it’s not some wild genetic crossbreed with an apple exterior and a grape center. It’s surprisingly far simpler than that. Instead, they take regular apples (typically Fujis) and bathe them in Methyl Anthranilate – better known as artificial grape flavoring. Meaning the Grapple is less a cross between apple and grape and more a cross between apple and, say, Big League Chew.

Not to say their patented process is easy: you can watch a video of inventor Todd Snyder describing it that was featured on the Food Network on the Grapple’s website.

The company states that these crazy flavored fruits are great for kids who maybe don’t want to chow down on normal flavored apples. I guess it depends on how much your kids like the flavor of grape. If you want to try one yourself, you can order them online.