Well, that might be a stretch. But I found this story in the Washington Post heartening, in an ecological sort of way. It's about a Napa-based company, Food & Vine, that sells grapeseed oil (made from grape seeds left over after harvest) to Napa Valley restaurants, then picks up the used oil and uses it as fuel in their company's cars.

And, if you want another good, green reason to drink wine, check out this report on the Worldwatch Institute site about the environmental costs of the boom in bottled water sales. According to Worldwatch, 2 million tons of the plastic bottles used for water end up in US landfills each year, and the recycling rate for those bottles has dropped drastically over the past ten years or so. So skip the H20 and uncork some Beaujolais, darn it. (Just remember to recycle that nice glass bottle the wine came in.)