Iconoclastic restaurant pro Grant Achatz (Chef and Co-Owner of Alinea and Next, Chicago) questions conventional wisdom to push the dining scene forward.

Why does a restaurant have to have a permanent address?
At my restaurants, we have already asked, why do cocktails have to be liquid? Why does food need to be served on plates? Why do reservations have to be taken over the phone? We’ve proven that, in all these cases, they don’t. The next question we’re going to ask is, does a restaurant have to have a permanent address? Why can a musical act, a theater troupe or a circus go on the road, but a chef or restaurant cannot? There is no good reason, except that people have not tried it yet. We will: We have already brought Alinea to Eleven Madison Park in New York, and they brought their restaurant to Chicago. Why can’t we go to Paris, Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, Austin, Miami? Seems very doable to me.