Grab your shutdown deals before the government starts running again!

hooters closing deal
Credit: Courtesy of Hooters

After a three-day shutdown, the U.S. government appears poised to reopen later today as members of the Senate reached a compromise that will extend funding for at least another couple weeks. But though the government shutdown might be behind us – at least for now – the hard feelings will likely linger. Oh, and so will a deal on free fried pickles from Hooters.

Though tensions between our political parties may be worse than ever, leave it up to Hooters to know a way to bring Americans together. This morning, the wings and tank tops chain announced its “Hooters Shutdown Deal:” a free order of fried pickles with the purchase of a drink from now until Wednesday – even if the government reopens apparently.

“While the folks in Washington figure out how to compromise, no one can argue with a free plate of America’s favorite fried pickles, cooked fresh to order with a signature tangy dipping sauce,” Hooters said in the announcement. Seriously, are there any problems fried pickles can’t solve?

Meanwhile, restaurants and bars in the Washington D.C. area know this drill quite well, and loads of places have been trying to woo any government employees with extra time on their hands by offering all sorts of great specials. The website Washingtonian listed 28 different places offering some sort of deal – from a first-beer-on-the-house for anyone with a government I.D. at Glen’s Garden Market to a bonus meatball on the side from the Italian joint Carmine’s. Beer and meatballs can certainly complete with fried pickles when it comes to mood improvement.

And that wasn’t all. Reports have also been coming in on discounts from other parks of the country including Knoxville, Tennessee, where Holly’s Gourmet’s Market and Café was offering a 10 percent discount to government employees and Florence, Kentucky, where Smokin’ This and That BBQ was giving out free meals to any government employee not receiving a paycheck. “It's not about being a Republican or Democrat,” said owner Guy Cummins. Yes, we all need to join the Free BBQ party.