Kith Treats—the retailer’s cereal bar brand—is collaborating with the group behind the original campaign
Chrissy Teigen and Bobby Flay
Credit: Justin Bridges

Those iconic “Got Milk?” ads featuring celebrities with milk mustaches were such a longstanding staple of the marketing landscape that you may not even realize that the campaign was officially retired. In 2014, the California Milk Processor Board, who was behind the ads, decided to move on from the concept that was originally launched in 1995. But nostalgia moves pretty fast these days, so Kith Treats – the cereal bar brand within the hip retailer – has decided it might be able to get some mileage by revitalizing those once beloved milk mustaches.

To be fair, the “Got Milk?” phrase was such a part of the American zeitgeist that the campaign has already been co-opted by pretty much everyone imaginable. You can probably still walk into plenty of shops along the Jersey shore and find yourself a “Got Weed?” T-shirt. But what sets Kith’s revival apart is that the brand has actually partnered with the California Milk Processor Board (talk about a hip collab!) to nail “the precise style, tone and spirit of the original campaign,” as Kith Treats writes.

“At Kith, we show reverence to other entities by creating product through our lens that they inspire,” Kith Founder Ronnie Fieg said in a statement. “Even with all the global brands we’ve partnered with—from Nike and Versace to Coca-Cola and Cap’n Crunch—this was especially difficult with Got Milk?, since they’re arguably the most powerful force in advertising history…but for an institution like them, we were up for the challenge.”

Got Milk? Kith Clothing
Credit: Courtesy of Kith Treats

Kith Treat’s take on “Got Milk?” – now rebranded as “Got Kith?” – has launched with four celebrities showing off their milk mustaches in front of a gray background: Seth Rogen, Bobby Flay, Joan Smalls, and Chrissy Teigen. Kith said these images are being “distributed via wild posting across the greater Los Angeles area.”

Of course, a great advertising campaign is only great if it helps sell whatever item it’s trying to promote. To that end, Kith Treats says they’ve timed the new imagery to coincide with the launch of its new Latte de Leche, billed as “a confection made from sweet cereal milk and flavored with a three-dimensional embossed espresso lollipop.” Unsurprisingly, Kith will also be offering “a collaborative collection of co-branded Kith Treats x Got Milk? apparel” – because the company is, first and foremost, an apparel brand. The latte and clothing options will be available in store starting this Saturday, November 17 and online starting at 11 a.m. Eastern.

Kith Latte
Credit: Courtesy of Kith Treats

“We launched ‘Got Milk?’ into public consciousness with the goal of making milk more competitive and increasing milk consumption in California,” Steve James, Executive Director of the California Milk Processor Board, was quoted as saying. “The campaign was such a success that our nationwide counterpart, MilkPEP, licensed the slogan for use in its legendary Milk Mustache ads. The campaign transcended generations through the power of celebrity culture and the natural wonder that is milk. Today, we’re thrilled to partner with Kith Treats to celebrate consumers’ heartfelt connection to milk with this nostalgic homage to an iconic campaign. Kith knows good style and milk knows good taste – it’s a perfect pairing.” Sounds like milk has gotten its swag back.