A South Korean barista recreates masterpieces on top of lattes. 
Korean latte art
Credit: Vincent van Gogh / Getty Images 

A South Korean café owner named Lee Kang-Bin is re-creating beautiful art in latte foam.

At Cafe C. Through, Lee draws famous paintings like "The Scream" and "Starry Night" on the foam on top of lattes. He started pursuing the passion after he left the military, and two years later, he opened his own café.

Lee uses food coloring on tiny brushes and the backs of spoons to create the works of art. Each one takes about 15-minutes to paint into the foam, and costs about $8, but bear in mind he serves the works of art on top of a cold cup of coffee.

"One time I drew 'The Starry Night' and it looked so special as the famous painting placed on top of coffee. After that, lots of people ordered that coffee," he told Reuters.

On Instagram, he calls his works “creamart” and claims that he never learned to draw. Instead, he picked up coffee brewing, his true calling, when he was 17, during his mandatory military service, and has been doing it ever since.

Lee also draws Disney characters like Aladdin and Jack Sparrow, Vogue covers, flowers, and even a scene from The Little Prince.

It seems that many artists are inspired by food: People have created intricate skulls and dragons out of pancakes, a chocolate sculpture in the shape of Yoda, and colorful geometric carvings made from bananas.

If you want to create your own coffee art, there’s actually a machine that can transpose any image onto your latte foam, but it probably won’t be to anywhere near Lee’s level of the precision, whose fans flock to Café C. Through where they ask him to recreate their favorite paintings.

Seems like Starbucks will really have to step up their Frappuccino game if they want to compete with these truly artistic coffee creations.