Gordon's Gin Is Promising Free Gin & Tonics to Delayed Commuters

Train delays? You might be in for a free drink.

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For commuters, ditching your car to ride the rails is supposed to be the more convenient option. You can say goodbye to the road rage of traffic and parking, and since you won’t be behind the wheel, you’re even free to indulge in an after-work alcoholic beverage. But needless to say, trains aren’t foolproof: They can also incur delays or even cancellations, providing an even bigger headache than a car ever could. But if you do have train trouble, Gordon’s Gin wants you to still partake in that final railroad privilege – the alcohol part – and have a gin and tonic on them.

This Friday, Gordon’s is ending the workweek by testing out its new “YayDelay” promotion at London’s Waterloo station from 5pm to 6pm. If your train happens to be delayed or canceled, gin-loving travelers are being encouraged to tweet with the hashtag #YayDelay. From there, the gin brand states, “Our algorithm combines cumulative minutes of delay with levels of Twitter buzz to pinpoint the moments when a free G&T will be most welcome.” More specifically, commuters can go to the site YayDelay.com where they should be able to track the YayDelay meter as it “reduces the price of a G&T in real time.”

According to The Drinks Business, if the meter reaches “amber,” Gordon’s will be giving out coupons good for 50 percent off a gin and tonic at the station’s Beer House pub until the end of the month. If the meter goes all the way to green, that means you’re probably having a pretty crappy commute – but it also means your gin and tonic is totally free. All you have to do is enter your email on the website and collect your coupon online.

Gordon’s Gin is reportedly hoping to roll out this YayDelay program to more train stations across the United Kingdom later this year. But apparently they want to see how things go at one station first: a couple cows wander onto the tracks and suddenly this could be a very costly promotion.

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