Twitter is not pleased with the chef's insult comic routine this time around.
Gordon Ramsay Explains Why He's So Brutal Toward Home Cooks on Twitter
Credit: Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage

Don Rickles passed away last week. The comedian became a legend for his mastery of “insult comedy”—a brand of humor so delicate only a few people can pull it off without offending anyone. Rickles was one of the few. Chef Gordon Ramsay…well, let’s just say it depends on who you ask.

As we wrote about back in February, the celebrity chef who has made a career out of screaming at people on television has been taking his signature meanness to the masses—responding to tweets from users who ask Ramsay to rate photos of their food. Of course, one-liners such as “looks like your dog stopped by on your plate” are good for a quick LOL, but of course, the rub of the insult comic is, It’s not about how many zingers go right; it’s about how many go wrong. And last week, Ramsay took a swipe at an Indian dish that rubbed some people the wrong way.

On April 6, Twitter user Rameez—whose account says he’s from Mumbai, India—fired off a tweet asking Ramsay to “please rate my medu vada sambar and nariyal chutney.”

Ramsay took the bait and quipped, “I didn't know you can tweet from prison,” a line clearly meant to riff on the donut-like Indian fritter’s barebones presentation on a divided metal plate.

However, some Twitter users felt Ramsay’s comment was an unfair generalization of Indian food. “Every cuisine that you're ignorant about is not from prison!” responded one angry tweeter. Another much-liked tweet pointed out, “The food looks normal plate of Vada, Sambar and chutney. Unless you mean normal Indian food is only good for prison.”

However, the most important response came from Rameez himself. It read: “Mission Accomplished.” Rameez was also one of the over 100,000 people who retweeted Ramsay’s harsh takedown. “I was expecting it. Anyone who’s spent enough time on the internet knows what they're in for when they send him a food picture. I wanted a hilarious response and I got it,” Rameez told DNA India, before adding, “People are getting too sensitive about it.”

Yup, Don Rickles is probably rolling over in his grave.