By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 25, 2016

Maybe Gordon Ramsay is a snobby, shouty, insulting jerk. Or maybe it’s possible that the celebrated chef from across the pond just dropped some serious truth when he tried Girl Scout cookies for the first time on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In Ramsay’s defense, his first observation was rather astute. Girl Scout cookies, especially Tagalongs, aren’t particularly visually appealing. Saying they look like “dog biscuits” might be a bit rough, but no one is handing out Michelin stars for covering a cookie and a smear of peanut butter in a blob of chocolate.

But in case that wasn’t enough to offend your patriotic, cookie-loving sensibilities, Ramsay then goes on to trash the coveted cookies’ taste, flat out spitting out his bites of Samoa and Thin Mint.

So maybe it’s true. Maybe the Girl Scouts really are peddling nostalgia and civic duty more than they are delicious cookies. Maybe we needed an abrasive Brit to call these cookies out…

Or maybe we should all boycott Hell’s Kitchen. It’s just a shitty rip off of Survivor that happens in a kitchen! How do you like a taste of your own medicine, Gordon?