Watch Ramsay transform a fellow chef's home in this preview of a new episode of My Houzz
New Gordon Ramsay interview
Credit: Roy Rochlin / Contributor / Getty Images 

Perhaps it’s time to rethink Gordon Ramsay’s reputation. Okay, sure, he did admit that he tries to get out of speeding tickets by wrapping his license plate in cling wrap, but he’s also a sweet, compassionate, and encouraging wrangler of child-cooks on MasterChef Junior, he’s able to laugh at himself, and he’s completely capable of saying nice things about strangers’ food on Twitter.

Ramsay is also the latest guest star on the web series My Houzz, where he decides to surprise former Hell’s Kitchen competitor Christina Wilson by having her entire house—which she bought with the prize money after winning the competition—with a professional renovation. If you don’t think Ramsay deserves some serious credit for his generosity, then you may have a heart of stone. You should get that checked out.

In the preview of the new episode, Ramsay says that Wilson is one the few chefs he’s wanted to hire after the competition and seems genuinely moved that she used her prize money to buy the home she had been renting. He now wants to reward her passion and hard work by bringing in home renovators to transform the space, so that he can finally tell her “how much she means to me.” Okay, now I have fully converted to the belief that despite the swearing, Ramsay is actually a big softie.

And there is swearing, even in this show about home renovations. He just can’t seem to help himself, telling the decorator that one of the pieces of future he’s picked out looks “f*cking stupid.” Thankfully, the decorator takes the piece of not-so-constructive criticism in stride, and they pick out a chandelier they both agree looks good.

He’s an award-winning chef, a thriving businessman, and an accomplished television host, but does Ramsay also have an eye for home renovation? You can watch the full episode, and find out if Wilson actually likes what Ramsay did to her home, on Houzz TV now.