The commercial for Korean beer Cass has many doubting Ramsay's taste.

gordon ramsay
Credit: Courtesy of Fox

Gordon Ramsay has seen more drama than most chefs, but now, the Hell's Kitchen host's choice in beer has him feeling the heat. The source of Ramsay's latest kitchen nightmare? His commercial for the South Korean beer Cass, which, judging by the country's social media response, is considered by many to be, let's say, less than worthy of a Michelin-starred chef's praise.

The commercial, shot while Ramsay was filming an episode of the Korean show Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, sees Ramsay dining at a restaurant with Korean friends and praising the mass market beer's ability to pair with the multiple flavors of the meal. "Sweet, spicy, super hot," he says, pointing at different dishes—"very rare, three different types that can blend with a fresh beer." But while he calls Cass, made by Oriental Brewery, a "great beer" and "bloody fresh," many in the country are skeptical he means it.

Following the commercial, there was apparently a strong enough reaction against Ramsay's endorsement that he felt the need to defend himself at a press conference. “I‘m far from embarrassed,” Ramsay said, declaring that he has, in fact, been drinking Cass since before the endorsement call came. “The authenticity of Korean food with the No. 1 beer for me felt like a perfect match," he claimed, not only because it's "by far the freshest" and "coolest," but because "in these difficult times, with the economy in recession, it is a beer that can easily be bought."

Ramsay also fired back at Europeans in general, and their perception that Korean beer is bad, saying that Europeans have a very delicate palate, so they're "not used to that level of spiciness" and "wouldn‘t understand the importance of cleansing and properly washing food down.” Whatever you think of Cass, then, it's clear that Gordon Ramsay's own level of spiciness remains as unmistakable as ever.