The chef and TV host plays himself as the emcee of 'Le Grand Yum Yum.'

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Credit: FOX/Getty Images / Courtesy of Dreamworks Animation

When he's not fixing struggling restaurants, hosting TV cooking competitions, and dressing up as Mrs. Doubtfire, renowned chef Gordon Ramsay has another budding career in the works: cartoon voiceover artist. With a previous stint playing himself on an episode of The Simpsons, Ramsay can tout working with some of the biggest cartoon characters in the business, and that list just got two names longer as he makes a cameo in Dreamworks Animation's upcoming series The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Ramsay appears in two episodes of a multi-chapter series titled "The Stink of Fear" in which Bullwinkle (and Rocky, of course) head to France to enter La Grand Yum Yum, an international, high-stakes cooking competition awarding the winner with the title of Master Yum Yum. Check out a clip of Ramsay's entrance below:

In this set of episodes, Bullwinkle has a surefire pie recipe which, of course, Fearless Leader and his goons Boris and Natasha are trying to get their mitts on. The baddies have a diabolical plan on the table to force Bullwinkle to turn his pie-making skills against the world leaders attending the competition with a Pie of Doom. Behind the scenes, Rocky tries to stop the villains while Ramsay begins to smell something suspicious going on. Mario Lopez also makes a guest appearance as himself hosting the finale's red carpet.

Ramsay is no stranger to voiceover work. In addition to his appearance on The Simpsons, he's also played a Smurf and will appear (not as himself) in the upcoming Disney Channel series Big Hero 6, based on the movie. In the latter, he joins a guest cast that also includes Alton Brown, another frequent cooking-personality-turned-voice-actor who is just one of many chefs lending their talents to cartoons.

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle starts streaming on Amazon Prime this Friday, May 11.