Happy April Fools' Day?

Gordon Ramsay Explains Why He's So Brutal Toward Home Cooks on Twitter
Credit: Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage

If Gordon Ramsay cursing at you isn't scary enough, try Gordon Ramsay cursing at you while covered in his own blood.

Many apologies for the visual, but frankly, our written description is a whole lot less than what The Nightly Show guest Frank Skinner had to deal with recently. He was the victim of Ramsay's early April Fools' Day prank...and this year, things got a little, um, messy.

As Skinner stood by, the 50-year-old Michelin-starred chef whipped up a fruit salad using a blender (in hindsight, perhaps that should've been the first clue that something wasn't right. Fruit salad? Blender? What?). All of a sudden, Ramsay put his hand in the blender, then said "Don't switch it on!" as the blender did just that and turned on at full speed. It's not hard to visualize what happened next: Ramsay fell to the ground, clutching a disturbingly bloody hand and writhing.


We truly, truly feel for Skinner, who looked downright distraught as he watched the whole thing play out. Thank goodness the studio audience had been clued into the fact that all of this was part of a prank. “Some of you might think this is a joke," Skinner tries to tell them. "But not from where I’m sitting.”

Ramsay does have some practice when it comes to the whole less-than-practical joke thing, though his other attempts—while just as profanity-filled—were much kinder. He pranks an unsuspecting pizza delivery man on the show, ordering pizzas straight to The Nightly Show theatre. When the delivery man shows up, he's directed to walk onstage, where he's suddenly surrounded by lights and a studio audience.

He also surprised some unwitting Londoners by having them talk to a microphone about whether they like his fake—and very unappetizing—Gordon-Ramsay-branded food. As soon as they reveal their true opinions ("Did you enjoy the sample?" "Uh, not really, no. Probably needs more salt."), Ramsay himself appears. That would be frightening under any circumstances, but it's especially scary after they've just insulted his "new product."

Let's just hope we never find ourselves alone in a situation involving Ramsay and food—regardless of what day of the year it is.