Gordon Ramsay plans to open new restaurants in New Orleans and Baltimore. 


Everyone’s favorite swearing chef Gordon Ramsay is planning to expand his restaurant empire with six more restaurants. Ramsay wants to make his mark in New Orleans and Baltimore, where he currently has no presence.

Ramsay’s team hasn’t yet gone into detail about what his new restaurants will look like, but as Eater points out, he’s got four thriving restaurants in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. They predict that his new venues will probably follow the same casual dining model, along the lines of Gordon Ramsay BurGR or the Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill.

The celebrity chef has been amping up his restaurant game lately: He recently announced that he’s also working on opening a new restaurant in Las Vegas based on his show, Hell’s Kitchen.

Apparently, the Ramsay brand went through a period of falling profits recently, but his restaurants are showing signs of recovery: sales are up three percent in the last year. How did his company turn things around? By opening up more affordable dining options.

Becoming a man of the people suits Ramsay. He’s recently endured himself to the public by advising the public to never order the soup of the day, and skip going out to dinner of Valentine’s Day, and starring in a mystery taste test segment with Jimmy Fallon.

Lest you think he forgot his entertainment roots, Ramsay is debuting a new cooking competition called The F Word tonight, followed by the season eight premiere of MasterChef, solidifying his dominance over cooking television. But that’s not enough for Ramsay! On top of all that, he’ll also be reviving PlaneFood, his Heathrow Airport restaurant, this July, on the heels of his declaration that he never, ever eats actual airplane meals.

Seems like Ramsay is vying for uninhibited access to your vacation, living room, and kitchen. If you’re looking for an even more direct line to the chef, try Twitter. He likes to yell at strangers on there, too.