The new series is essentially a revamped version of 'Kitchen Nightmares.'

Gordon Ramsay is going back to his roots with his new reality show on Fox. The British celebrity chef will attempt to help save failing restaurants in just one day on Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours To Hell & Back.

The new show is clearly a nod to his most famous venture, Kitchen Nightmares, in which the notoriously gruff Ramsay traveled across America, revamping restaurants on the brink of ruin. According to CinemaBlend, he’ll be “working out of an advanced semi-truck converted into a mobile kitchen” nicknamed Hell on Wheels. Ramsay will be re-training the establishment’s staff (and probably making some drama-heightening cuts) and updating the menu, all within the 24-hour time period.

“With the clock set at 24 hours-and-ticking, I can promise you this culinary boot camp gives a whole new meaning to ‘Hell on Wheels," Ramsay said, according to Deadline.

So far, Fox has ordered eight episodes of the series, but Ramsay is already a strong presence on the network. He’s the Emmy-nominated host of MasterChef Junior, recently concluded the first season of The F Word, and he’s brought two popular cooking competitions to Fox—Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef—as well as the show that made him a household name, Kitchen Nightmares. Ramsay will even star in a forthcoming documentary about the Colombian drug trade, which caused a stir over the summer when he was caught possibly filming promos for the film in London.

There’s no word on when the show will premiere, but it already sounds like an intriguing premise: While it doesn’t seem entirely realistic that one man could possibly solve all of a restaurant’s problems in just 24 hours—and even less likely that cooks, staff, and owners would stick to Ramsay’s advice—it will probably be entertaining to watch him pull out every trick in the book to save the beleaguered businesses. Hey—if anyone could pull off such an outlandish stunt, it’s Ramsay.