The celebrity chef looks back on his most infamous cooking show. 

Gordon Ramsay Explains Why He's So Brutal Toward Home Cooks on Twitter
Credit: Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage

As Gordon Ramsay wrapped up season one of his new (to American audiences) series The F Word, the chef decided to reminisce about another show he’s starred in. According to the New York Daily News, Ramsay doesn’t exactly remember Kitchen Nightmares—in which he traveled the country breathing new life into failing restaurants—fondly.

“I got fed up with ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ because I was getting s--t,” the chef explained, invoking his signature love of curse words. “So I woke up one morning and I thought ‘F--k it, I’m done.’”

Ramsay may be referring to rumors that the restaurants he supposedly saved would slide back into old habits after the camera crews left. Kitchen Nightmares, no matter how rough things might have gotten for the chef during that time, is still one of the key series that made him famous. He became practically a household name for his tough tactics when it came to motivating chefs and business owners to step up their restaurant game.

These days, Ramsay claims that the request he gets the most is to bring the show back. Maybe that’s why he regrets ending the show’s run in the first place.

“Yes it was wrong to pull my own show off air, but that’s it,” he said.

Ramsay is now working on a new project, which he says is similar to his old show but “Way, way, way better than Kitchen Nightmares.”

Despite Kitchen Nightmares unceremonious ending, executives at Fox seem to trust in Ramsay’s continued rise to fame. One told the Daily News that the Ramsay and the network are planning more projects together.

“We have a few different things in development with Gordon right now and we conceivably could see something new in the not too distant future,” explained Fox Television Group CEO Dana Walde.

We might not be getting Kitchen Nightmares back, but it sounds like whatever is coming down the pipeline will still give us our Gordon Ramsay fix.