Gordon Ramsay Just Launched His Own Brand of California Wines

Bottles will be served at his restaurants and sold online alongside free recipe pairings.

Gordon Ramsay has built his reputation on being exuberantly critical of other people's cooking —but pleasing the celebrity chef with your wine pairings just became a whole lot easier. Ramsay has launched his own wine brand.

Gordon Ramsay
Courtesy of Seabold Cellars

Gordon Ramsay Signature Wines are crafted by their namesake chef in collaboration with winemaker and Master Sommelier Chris Miller at Seabold Cellars in Monterey, California, where the wines are produced. The online shop at GordonRamsay.wine—which is the only way to purchase bottles outside of at Ramsay's U.S. restaurants—launched today with eight offerings: a 2019 Rosé, a 2019 Sauvignon Blanc, a 2018 Chardonnay, and a 2018 Pinot Noir, all from Monterey (priced at $20, $25, $30, and $35 respectively), a 2018 Chardonnay Reserve from Sonoma County ($45), and three 2018 Cabernet Sauvignons from California ($28), from Santa Cruz Mountains ($45), and a Reserve from Napa ($60). Bottles can also be purchased in three seasonal shipments as part of The Ramsay Wine Club which features additional discounts and other perks.

Seabold Cellars Wine Bottles
Courtesy of Seabold Cellars

Ramsay partnered with Miller in 2018, aiming to make high-quality, old world-style wines he could serve to complement the food at his restaurants. "It's a little surreal for our humble little winery to be working with someone as prominent as Gordon," Miller told Food & Wine. "We're excited to share these wines with both his fan base and wine enthusiasts alike. We hope the introduction of this project creates an opportunity for more people to experience or be introduced to California wines, and that it will yield a greater appreciation for the quality and diversity of the wines produced here."

Only a few hundred cases of each bottling are being made, with total production pegged at a mere 2,000 cases. The brand says they "source our grapes from sustainable and organic-practicing vineyards" and use minimal intervention winemaking: "native yeast fermentations, no 'adjustments,' restrained use of oak, little-to-no fining or filtration, and responsibly minimal sulfur usage" for final products that are "balanced, complementary with food, and always 100 percent vegan."

Chris Miller
Courtesy of Seabold Cellars

"Passionate winemakers in California's cooler climate regions are producing delicious, balanced wines, and my time in California has convinced me that Californian wines stand with the best in the world. Christopher Miller is a master of his craft, so working with him has been amazing," Ramsay told us via email. "Wine is a complex marriage of art, science, and tradition all captured together in a glass, and I am very excited to join in that tradition with Gordon Ramsay Californian wines. Until now the wine has been served exclusively at my restaurants in Las Vegas and Tahoe, so I'm very excited it's now available to anyone to enjoy with a delicious meal or on its own with friends and family."

Speaking of food pairings, Chef Ramsay has that covered for you, too: Beyond additional winemaking info and tasting notes, the Gordon Ramsay Wines website also features at least three complementary recipes for every bottle, from options like truffle mac and cheese to pair with the Sauvignon Blanc to a tomahawk steak to go with the Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve. (And you can peruse the recipes without buying any wine, so even if you're not sold on the wine yet, the website is worth checking out anyway.)

Wine isn't the only alcoholic beverage Ramsay has gotten involved with recently: Back in December, the chef announced he was launching his own line of hard seltzers called, appropriately, Hell's Seltzer.

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