From Legos to Play-Doh, the duo tried it all.

Credit: CBS/Getty Images

Gordon Ramsay has made a second career out of instructing people how to cook and judging them for their efforts. First, there was MasterChef. Next came MasterChef Junior. Last night, with the help of the Late Late Show host James Corden, Ramsay introduced his newest iteration of the show, MasterChef Junior Junior.

The sketch, which originally aired last night on Corden’s show, features toddlers of various ages attempting to cook dishes for Ramsay and Cordon as they both attempt to maintain facades of professionalism. This goes exactly as well as you would expect it to when you hear the words: cooking, toddlers and kitchen.

In terms of techniques, the various participants can be seen emptying entire jars of pasta sauce onto plates, pouring milk onto cutting boards covered in raw eggs, sticking their hands into jars of mayonnaise and placing spatulas in their mouths, which is completely reasonable thing to do when you’re two years old.

Corden and Ramsay, for there part, play the roles of serious judges perfectly. Corden goes as far as to sample a pristine looking purple donut that turns out to be made of Play-Doh. Similarly, Ramsay takes a big bite of a roll to discover a Hot Wheels car hiding inside, to which Ramsay says, “I said no toys!”

By the end, Ramsay finds Corden heaving over one of the cooking stations and instructs the Late Late Show host as such, “right now, I need you to be a big boy.” Corden looks at Ramsay in a state of discomfort and simply replies with, “I’ve just eaten some Lego.”

If nothing else, it’s nice to see the sometimes over-the-top serious Ramsay making fun of himself and having a bit of a laugh at the expense of Corden’s digestive system. The two also paired up for Corden's recent trip to London, with Ramsay chauffeuring the Late Late Show host to LAX for his departure.