Gordon Ramsay stopped by a NASCAR race to chat with Danica Patrick, and weigh in on Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s favorite snack.


On Sunday, Gordon Ramsay stopped by Dover International Speedway in Delaware to film scenes for his new cooking show The F Word, with Danica Patrick and other members of NASCAR, reports USA Today.

Gordon Ramsay NASCAR
Credit: Jonathan Ferrey / Stringer / Getty Images

Apparently, Ramsay is a “car nut,” boasting a private collection of sports cars. On Sunday, he served as the AAA 400 Drive for Autism grand marshal at the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

Ramsay managed to whip up a breakfast for the Stewart-Haas racing crew without dropping a single swear word. Joined by tire changer Eric Maycroft as his sous chef, Ramsay treated the crew to fresh smoothies and a crab omelet, a crew that, according to Maycroft, typically only have time to stop at Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.

Later, Ramsay chatted with Patrick, who lived in England as a teenager. She told the celebrity chef that she typically eats butternut squash, ground bison, and half an avocado before a race.

No f-bombs were dropped in his chat with Patrick either, to whom he explained his penchant for cursing.

“I don't just curse for the sake of it. When I'm under pressure I do. I think that's anyone. Sport. Drivers. Chefs. At that level, let's be honest, when I cook at that level, it is intense. When I'm flipping an omelet, I'm going to be your best friend,” he said.

Along the way, NASCAR.com asked Ramsay for to review NASCAR champ Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s questionable pre-race snack – a banana and mayonnaise sandwich, nicknamed the Dalewich – in the style of his infamous Twitter judgments on stranger’s meals.

Ramsay gave his honest evaluation.

“Throw it away and start again. I would not be eating [expletive] banana and mayonnaise, no,” he said. “Whatever Muppet put those two together needs to clean their core. Dale Jr. needs to call me.”

He then gave some the NASCAR driver some much friendlier suggestions on how to improve his meal.

“Mayonnaise? Crème fraiche. Way better,” he said. “Mashed banana, crème fraiche, little touch of vanilla. I’d take that thing to the Premier League.”