After the British chef insulted the comforting school cafeteria snack, Twitter came to the rescue.  

By Elisabeth Sherman
Updated June 27, 2017
Gordon Ramsay Explains Why He's So Brutal Toward Home Cooks on Twitter
Credit: Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage

Gordon Ramsay is back to his old tricks, this time turning his harsh criticism against America’s school lunches.

Ramsay is known for responding to tweets from fans hoping to have their food judged by the notoriously tough-talking celebrity chef. So when a Twitter user tagged him in a photo of her school lunch – a log of toasted bread speckled with globs of dried out cheese – Ramsay naturally took the opportunity to voice his unfavorable opinion on the meal. His verdict? “Change schools.”

The Twitter user claimed the snack was supposed to be “cheese filled breadsticks,” – otherwise known as cheesy bread – but the meal really does look unappetizing, so we can’t exactly blame Ramsay for being harsh.

Regardless, Twitter did not appreciate the jab. Americans on the social media site quickly jumped to the defense of their beloved school lunch snack, claiming that “these were the best things I ate in middle school,” and that “they were the best thing about elementary school.”

True, the combination of cheese and bread is hard to mess up, but the best thing about elementary school? Come on, what about recess? Besides, Gordon Ramsay has built a career on being mean about other peoples food. Who knows, maybe he was actually trying to get a rise out of the Internet with his quip.

Meanwhile, while Twitter is busy getting mad about what the chef thinks about American lunches, Ramsay – who by the way, has 16 Michelin stars at his restaurants, lest you think he’s only famous for his shocking television antics – is actually putting his skills to good use: During a segment on his new show The F Word, he recently set a Guinness World Record as the fastest fish fillet-er on the planet.

We suppose Ramsay has some room to speak.