The immersive Las Vegas restaurant, which just began taking reservations for its January 16 opening, is modeled after the set of Ramsay's hit show

If you've ever watched Gordon Ramsay's brutal cooking competition show and thought, "I wish I was there to eat all that food," we have some good news for you.

The celebrity chef's new restaurant, Hell's Kitchen, is inspired by, you guessed it, Hell's Kitchen. And by "inspired" we mean "replicated after." The space, which is located in Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, is a re-creation of the show's set, with the aim of making guests feel like they're actually on the show. When they enter the space, decked out with custom-designed lighting that combine brass rods with pitchfork features, they'll be greeted by the iconic bronze HK sign with a pitchfork that's featured prominently on the series. And, as an extra special treat, they get to experience Ramsay's characteristic yelling and the stress of working the line.

"Once inside, guests will not only feel but hear the energy of the space, with audible kitchen commands," reads a press release announcing the news. "You too may catch yourself repeating back, 'Yes, chef!'"

The menu features some of the most successful dishes from the show—including pan-seared scallops, lobster butternut squash risotto, truffle carbonara and crispy skin salmon—and additional items will be added as new episodes air. Chefs and cooks at the restaurant will wear the exact uniforms worn on the show: red and blue jackets with coordinating bandanas. And the winner of of Season 17 of Hell's Kitchen: All-Stars, which is currently airing, will be named head chef at the Vegas restaurant.

Fans can now make reservations for the restaurant's January 16 opening.